Roleplaying Section

Roleplaying games. I quite enjoy them. Sometimes I write them.


Current Project

I have no rpg project currently. Weep if you must.

Exalted 2nd edition Core Rewrite

I rewrote the Exalted rules to be less mote-intensive. Charm timing replaces mote cost as the most important factor in combat. I also made numerous other changes, including a revision to the mass combat rules and a statecraft system that is incorporated at a fundamental level.

The corebook

Dragon-Blooded Charms

Sidereal Charm rewrite

I rewrote the Sidereal charms with a bit of high-concept structure. It's a bit weird and the powers are very specific and narrow, but it's gotten some good feedback.


Exalted Alternate Combat System

I recently developed a new combat system for exalted second edition. It involved rewriting many of the game's rules, but it turned out pretty cool.


The End of Utopia

The first complete expression of my desire to create a generic system that could be easily adapted to any setting I'd care to imagine. The system is a little weak, but I think the setting has some definite potential. Lazy, far future bimbos fight helpful robots gone rogue? What's not to love? Download the pdf and find out.


Convention Book NWO

Rife with betrayal, intrigue, factional politics - yes, the story of the writing of Convention-Book NWO is pretty interesting. But here is not the place. This attempt to complete the techonacracy revised convention book series is one of my earliest rpg projects, and, as far as I know, the only one of the four prospective fanbooks to actually get done. It's also of dubious legality, so keep it on the DL.


24-Hour RPG

Once upon a time, in a forgotten golden age, people would test their skills and their spirits with the 24-Hour RPG Challenge. These valiant gladiators would attempt to write a complete role-play game, from scratch, in less than 24 hours. I was once one of these warriors.

Mutant Space Cowboys[2003]
The Last Days of Atlantis[2004]

Exalted Custom Charms

In an attempt to flesh out Exalted 1st edition's Solar charm set, I set out to write a overwhelmingly complete set of custom and high essence charms. I only completed the Zenith section, and they're of mixed quality, but check 'em out if you want. Or whatever.