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The most insightful human drama since Waterworld .

His assistant, played by the man Forest Whitaker, is one dope homie who knows how to jive alien style!

See, the genius of Battlefield Earth is that it skips such things as making sense or having an understandable story. It is up to the viewer to make up his own wacky story!

How did the woodsmen break into Fort Knox, find classified documents in a devastated Washington D.C, and use weapons that are 1,000 years old? Because they're crazy, that's how!

This movie had everything: men eating rats, men's heads exploding, men falling off of cliffs because the aliens thought they could fly, and Barry Pepper falling through 10 layers of glass.

This reviewer knows where the Oscar is going this year...right into the hands of the finest actor of our age, Mr. Travolta.

If you haven't seen this movie, don't bother renting it--buy it and put it on your mantle! Eight thumbs up!

Best Comedy Ever only Waterboy and Spaceballs were more intellectual.

Imagine, for a moment that Jerry Falwel decides to make a film based the book of Job. Jerry casts himself as Job (in KISS make-up) then casts Adam West as the voice of God and the Olsen Twins as Satan. Add a soundtrack by The Bloodhound Gang featuring Cher and you begin to get a small idea of the unintentional hilarity that is Battlefield Earth.

So many elements from every great Sci-Fi were sampled here in an ultra-creative way!

This epic is truly in a class by itself.

Can't wait for the sequel....

I can honestly say that this was a unique character... I never saw any character even remotely like Terl in any movie before.

The kids gave this one 5 stars, by the way.

I really thought this was an exellent Sci-Fi movie, at least as good as Independance Day and along the same the same lines.

The story was very entertaining and should be told to our kids for generations and generations, so this tale will always survive.

One thing I know for sure. This is one movie that is going to be talked about for years.

I like to see a director who is innovative and who is not afraid to take a different approach to his subject.

Hey, do you want to be the one to tell your grandkids that you passed up a chance to own this gem?

Roger Christian learned from better directors than himself that you should sometimes tilt the camera. But he never learned why.

Battlefield Earth goes way beyond the ordinary.

It's not the "crowd pleaser" many movies have as their aim

It will take time for many to realize the importance of this movie.

The most terrifying screen villain (John Travolta of "Grease" fame), since Andy Griffith's psychotic turn in "Spy Hard."

"Battlefield Earth" is a spectacular space-age entertainment that polarized the movie-going public and left film critics searching for new, exacting adjectives to describe what they had seen!

John Travolta doesn't have to settle for playing conventional roles like "Michael", or "Look Who's Talking" He can be anything he wants to be.

Travolta is the very perfection of evil -- as in anyone that evil has to be basically very, very stupid.

There are three things wrong with the movie: John Travolta, the script, and everything else.

In fact there is something almost surreal about viewing 'Battlefield Earth'.

How anybody can take a big budget, talented actors and come up with something so patently ridiculous is anybody's guess.

These guys looked like Rastafarian Klingons.

Wait for it to start looping on cable. A few less dirty words won't cheapen this stupid, stupid flick: I'm not sure anything could.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

It doesn't do Hubbard's book any justice, a book that was pretty much recycling bin fodder to begin with.

The entire cast is making fool of themselves but it seems they thought they were doing Shakespeare in space.

Bloody Hell, the loathed Jar Jar Binks that a lot of movie-goers hate is a thousand times better than any character from Battlefield Earth

By the way, I am somewhat awed by Euclid: apparently he was known even to an alien race.

. . .worst couple in a movie(John Travolta and anyone on the screen with him at the time)

Then I saw Barry Pepper on that horse and my heart sank. It was all downhill from there.

My copy of this DVD is hereby relegated to duty at my next trip to the skeet range.

This movie makes the Anna Nicole Smith show seem like high entertainment.

There was not one good thing about this pathetic starship crash of a movie, except maybe for when the end credits rolled. No, check that. The credits were horrid, too.

There are even a few good ideas peppered throughout the film. Just don't blink, you might miss them.

Even simple things, like lighting and continuity - things that the filmmakers might have gotten right by accident - are horribly mangled.

I watched this with a friend and we were slack-jawed with amazement throughout.

It's good to know that dreadlocks are a universal style. I'm hoping to find afros on other planets also.

BETTER BUY 2 COPIES!!!!! Because you will probably throw away your first one. I had a tough time not throwning out the rental copy.

Somebody out there must like this movie and I would like to meet that person, wipe the druel from their chin, stand them out of their wheel chair, take out their glass eyes, replace their hearing aids and take them to a corn field, and leave them there.

This movie should inspire Amazon to make negetive stars!

Travolta and Whitaker spend the entire film laughing in a sort of dumb maniacal way.

There is simply nothing good about this film except that it does end at some point.

. . . unfit even as cable TV filler on a rainy day.

It was boring, stupid, boring, laughable, confusing, and boring some more.

While most awful movies simply just bore you with its passive ridiculousness, this movie, nay film, went out its way to overtly assault my intelligence.

I could not look away.

I bought this film the first day it came out and will treasure it forever.

The cavewoman looks like she just stepped out of a beauty parlor.

It's good that learning to fly is that easy, because otherwise the ID4-style air-to-air combat scene taking place one week later would have been impossible

What really makes it is that the people who created it obviously had no clue how to do this sort of stuff, or how incredibly awful it really was

No matter what you've heard about this, It's Worse!

You can't make a film this bad on purpose.

I'll highlight a few elements which really stood out as being "good" or something resembling that.

I was amazed that L. Ron Hubbard did not come back from the dead to sue them for destroying his work.

Battlefield Earth tells the story of Rob Zombie, played by John Travolta, a rocker whose dull family and job prompt him to give up heavy metal and escape his boring life on the dance floors of discos.

Cavemen #1 - 3 are trapped in the mountains, starving to death, so they have to eat whatever they can find, which turns out to be rats. Caveman #1 and #2 then vote Caveman #3 off Battlefield Earth Island for being uncooperative.

I beleive the "actors" could only work at night, because they were unable to get away from their day jobs at Denny's.

Terl is essentially the same obnoxious Vinnie Bah-ba-rino character from "Welcome Back Kotter", albeit with more meticulous anunciation and perhaps slightly grander designs.

I've seen porn that is more competently directed and edited than this.

I have to wonder if another hour of this hackneyed drudgery lies forlorn and neglected in some back studio room. (If so, let us pray it never be found).

The movie does provide some laughs, but generally in a "I'm dying of cancer and if I laugh maybe I can briefly forget how bad things are" kind of way.

I never thought a movie could ever be painful, but Battlefiel Earth was. I have since checked myself into rehab.

Those who promoted this movie should be indicted .

Watching it, I began to think that, maybe, I was at a unique, spectacularly bad event, like being on board the Titanic's maiden voyage.

I've heard better dialogue in videogames.

Good news! Detroit's learned how to make cars that won't rust out in a thousand years.

It's so seldom you hear a villain laugh a genuine "Bwah ha ha!" laugh.

Even if you paid fifty cents to see it, you got ripped off.

Unfortunately, "kick the director in the groin" is not a valid rating!

I've never written a review before due to my extreme laziness, however I felt compelled to write my thoughts on this movie.

There's stupid, there's inept and then there's "Battlefield Earth".

This movie can only be fully appreciated whilst heavily intoxicated or not completely awake.

Johnny T should have been fined his salary and have been forced to do a "Welcome Back Kotter" made for TV reunion film.

Okay, there are some words that you just cant print on a family site like Amazon, but you can guess what they are! And Battlefield Earth should be among them!

The second half is so incomprehensibly bad that one can only stare slack-jawed at the screen, left speechless by the staggeringly inept narrative.

And now a message to the cast and crew of Battlefield Earth: "PLEASE, can I get my 2 hours back!"

This is, possibly, a historic event--a movie in which the professional critics and the actual viewers of the movie agree.

The crunch of popcorn was more interesting than the ridiculous dialogue...

Every time I go to the movie theater to see a new science fiction film I am hoping that it is not like Battlefield Earth.

This movie makes Independence Day look like Hamlet.

Ker looks like the love-child of Mrs. Butterworth and a Klingon warrior.

You gotta see this one to believe it, folks

It's worth watching if it ever shows up on Channel 87 some night around 2AM and you're battling insomnia.

Indeed so egregiously foolish are the collective Psychlos, one wonders if their combined intellect would be capable of inventing the paperclip, let alone conquer a galaxy.

For those of us who have mastered reading an analogue clock, Battlefield Earth provides little further challenge.

For all the brain-washed 5 star folks, I'd like to recommend the Pokemon Movie. That should be on an equivalent intelligence level.

In Ft. Hood Texas, the rebels arrive 1000 years after humanity was decimated, to find that the power was still on. I guess the military paid their electrical bills way in advance.

There is not a negative number of stars large enough with which to rate this film.

Every copy of this film should be locked in a vault for use as a doomsday weapon in the event of a real alien invasion.

Please Stay Away from this one--even if someone holds a gun to your head.

I went for free and still wish I hadn't seen it.

This movie is for people who thought "Independance Day" was too high brow.

The Psychlos are the aliens that have conquered the Earth. The only problem is that these aliens are so dumb that you wonder how they ever conquered potty-training.

This movie is a big plate of fat under a nice sauce in a restaurant that charges too much. It looks nice, but there is nothing to it. It will taste good when you try it, but it will make you sick by the time you finish it and will make you more sick when you get the bill.

It is my belief that tormenting one's mind with moving images that will haunt you for a lifetime can't be a bad thing; a philosophy I developed shortly after watching this work of supposed art.

From what I hear, Travolta wants to do sequels; well, to that I think I'll say what his character in this would say: "Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

This movie was just pure garbage.

Why would I give the worse science fiction film ever made two stars?The answer is the fact that it is so incredibly, sickeningly, laughably, shamelessly and terribly awful that it deserves and extra star just because they still decided to send it to theaters.

This is an endearingly preposterous film so I don't have the heart to give it just the one star.

Roger Christian, who has proven himself a talented Art Director, Set Director and Second Unit Director, took an enormous budget and made it look like a TV movie.

With such sense of logics and strategy they couldn't have conquered a cabbage field, not to mention a planet.

It's bad enough to be amusing, and worth seeing if only so that you can tell your grandchildren that, yes, you were there.