John Frazer: Definitely Not a Replicant

John Frazer is a human being, born to human parents. He enjoys human food, which he digests enjoyably with his biological gastrointestinal system. He feels empathy for the soft and squishy creatures of the earth, and any rumors of his laser-powered rampages across the countryside are strictly exaggerated.

He finally finished his novel! It is available for vivisection here.

A Little About John Frazer

Radical marxist, connoisseur of games, and general bon vivant, he bears a deep and abiding love for all living things. He lives in Grand Junction, Colorado with his wife Jennifer, and their six cats. He can no longer abide the touch of the sun's rays, perhaps as result of his new night job, more likely because of some ancient and inimical curse. His e-mail address is and a history of this website can be found here.

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